Insulated Concrete Forms | Polystyrene Block

Case Studies

Red Mountain Custom Golf Course Home

Ener-G-Block homes were some of the first homes to be built in Red Mountain Ranch.  Two of the biggest challenges in this area were the heat of the Southwest sun and noise from the maintenance crew on the golf course.  The main advantage we have over conventionally framed homes is the insulation value we offer.  The amount of insulation found in our 8” thick blocks cannot be matched in any 2×6 framed wall, nor can the sound abatement be found in a conventionally framed wall.  Our homes are so sound resistant that the commercial ride-on mowers could pass by less than 30 feet away and could not be heard from inside the homes.

Guam Residential Development

Several Ener-G-Block homes were built on the island of Guam.  These homes withstood a category 4 hurricane and a major earthquake that left other block homes in ruins.

Pinnacle Peak Custom Home

Several of our Ener-G-Block homes have been built in the Carefree area. The challenge of this area is the hillside terrain. This owner wanted rounded and diagonal walls. The block was easily cut to fit the radius of the walls and diagonal cuts were made along the corners of the ends of the diagonal walls. Polystyrene is both light and easy to cut making this a much easier task on a hillside lot than it would have been using solid concrete walls or CMU.

Basement Home

Basements and pools have easily been built with Ener-G-Block. The thermal properties of the block keep basements warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Heated pools retain more heat during the winter and cost less to heat.

North Scottsdale Church

The insulative properties of our block played a big role in the church’s decision to go with Ener-G-Block. Because the walls are so well insulated, the number and size of AC units needed to cool this 7500 sq ft space was drastically reduced. Noise between the all-purpose roof and the sanctuary and classrooms was a big concern, which was easily handled by the sound abatement properties of the walls.

Eden Estates Chandler Development

This 43-home development is located just off the AZ-202 loop and Alma School. Several of the homes in this community are Ener-G-Block homes.

Climate Controlled Self Storage: Renderings; Cost analysis

Large buildings requiring conditioned space benefit from the insulation value of the block, but the cost savings really start with the speed at which these larger buildings can be built. With a block that weighs less than 3 lbs and covers 4 sq ft of wall surface, months are shaved off the building schedule translating into earnings for the Builder and the Owner. Operating costs are drastically reduced, all adding to the profit at the end of each month. The cost savings for the construction of this 97,000 sf building was over $150,000. The time savings alone in the wall construction was nearly 5 weeks, and the ongoing savings in operating expenses each month was over $10,000.

Climate Controlled Food Storage

Refrigerated buildings benefit from exterior walls that are insulated. Ener-G-Block walls require no additional insulation and are the perfect solution for constructing refrigerated food storage.